‘Prince Harry should be axed from line of succession,’ public demands

Many have been giving an earful to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after they confirmed last week that they will not be returning to their royal duties.

According to results shown by a new YouGov poll, a majority of the British public is calling for the Duke of Sussex to be completely removed from the line of succession after his decision of continuing with their initial Megxit plans.

The poll taken by 4,000 respondents showed that a staggering 49 percent were in favour of Prince Harry getting axed from the line of succession while only 28 percent thought he should stay.

On the other hand, the remaining 24 percent was unsure of the decision.

Prince Harry and Meghan last week officially split with the Firm, as confirmed by a statement issued by Buckingham Palace, revealing the pair had decided to continue their independent lives as non-working royals after their one-year probation period came to an end. 

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