City investigates owner of condo unit after bottles thrown from balcony

City officials are investigating the owner of a downtown condo unit after glass bottles were thrown from its balcony down to the road below on the weekend.

In a statement on Monday, the city said it appears that the unit, on the 35th floor of a building in the area of York Street and Lake Shore Boulevard, was used as a short-term rental.

The city said its short-term rental unit will determine whether the property owner broke any bylaws.

Toronto police said a large group of people were in the condo on Sunday afternoon and the bottles narrowly missed officers below. Police were called at about 2:35 p.m.

Officers charged four men with criminal offences and seven people with provincial offences concerning COVID-19 regulations.

Under provincial lockdown regulations, short-term rentals in Toronto can only be provided to people in need of housing, the city said. As well, all short-term rentals in Toronto must comply with the bylaw governing licensing and registration of short-term rentals. 

Short-term rental operators are allowed only to rent a principal residence short-term and must register with the city.. 

Four men, three from Toronto and one from Hamilton, were each charged with the following:

  • Common nuisance.
  • Mischief endangering life.
  • Assault peace officer with a weapon.
  • Unlawfully possess schedule 1.

The men, who ranged in age from 22 to 37, were scheduled to appear in court Monday morning.

Seven other people were charged with failing to comply with COVID-19 emergency orders under the Re-Opening Ontario Act, police said.

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