Tom Brady and Drew Brees share awesome moment postgame (Video)

Tom Brady spent time with Drew Brees and his kids at the Superdome after the Buccaneers beat the Saints in the playoffs.

Tom Brady and Drew Brees battled it out on the field on Sunday, but when the final whistle blew and the stadium cleared, the two shared a heartwarming moment.

Video from the stadium shows Brady and Brees talking and hugging as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback headed on to the next round of the playoffs and the New Orleans Saints‘ legend soaked in the Superdome with his kids one last time.

It’s hard to pin down what the best moment of the video is. Brees and Brady hugging? Brady throwing a dime to one of Brees’ kids in the endzone? Brees’ daughter doing cartwheels? Brady telling the boys to “be nice to your sister”? Or Brees swinging his daughter by her ankles?

All of it is the epitome of feel-good.

Brees is expected to retire now that the season is over. The Super Bowl, XIV champion and MVP just has to wait for Canton to call him up when his time to enter the Hall of Fame arrives.

Brady will have to retire as well … one day. The show will go on for him this year as the Buccaneers take on the Green Bay Packers in a war for the NFC Championship and a bid to the Super Bowl.

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