Keldon Johnson has more games with 25+ points in his first 30 career games (2) than Tim Duncan did (1). : NBASpurs


Currently, Keldon is only shooting 30% on shots between 3FT and the 3 point line, with ~23% of his shots coming from this range. If he can improve his shooting in this area (add a floater game, and a mid-range jumper), continue to improve his pnr passing (which he has shown flashes of ability in so far this season), introduce consistent foul baiting moves into his game and importantly significantly improve his defensive awareness, Keldon could be a legitimate all-star/low level all-NBA player at his peak.

He likely won’t be a center-piece of a championship winning team, but getting him at the 29th pick has been awesome for the team. Thank god that any of the teams from 19 onwards (Keldon was rated as the best available prospect from ~22nd onwards by draftexpress/ESPN) didn’t decide to take him. Otherwise we would have been left with the likes of Kz Okpala, Jordan Poole or Nicolas Claxton from that pick.

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