Drama brewing between Mike Evans and Marshon Lattimore (Video)

Mike Evans and Marshon Lattimore exchanged some words during the first half as the Buccaneers battle the Saints. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints are squaring off for a third time this season with a shot to go to Green Bay on the line Sunday. A 13-13 halftime score has the game looking much more competitive than the first two matchups easily won by New Orleans.

One of the key sequences of the first half came in the second quarter when Mike Evans caught a three-yard touchdown pass following a Drew Brees interception. He made the play over Marshon Lattimore to put his team ahead.

Both Evans and Lattimore have plenty of experience against each other, and the two even got into a bit of a scuffle near the end of the second quarter. Things should only get more heated in the second half.

Evans and Lattimore already talking

Lattimore and the rest of the Saints secondary actually did a great job of keeping Evans in check. His three-yard touchdown was the only catch he had the entire half. The Tampa offense is struggling and the Brees interception was a huge break.

Lattimore shutting down Evans will make things even tougher on Tom Brady in the second half if players like Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown can’t pick up the slack.

It is obvious to see that Evans and Lattimore don’t like each other and will never be friends. Both players just have to make sure they don’t do anything to get ejected or to draw a penalty.

These two divisional foes are proper rivals this year thanks to Brady showing up in Tampa. A longtime Buccaneer like Evans is finally getting a chance to prove himself on the big stage and will need to focus less on talking and more on his routes in the second half against Lattimore.

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