Dancing On Ice star Hamish Gaman opens up about his plan to marry Amelia Humfress

Dancing On Ice star Hamish Gaman has revealed that he would marry his fiancée Amelia Humfress in December.

Hamish Gaman and his fiancee’s  initial marriage plan was delayed due Covid-19  crisis.

The professional skater, in a new interview with a magazine, said: ‘We’ll still have our dream winter wedding. ‘When it happens, it will be even more special and extra magical because we’ll be celebrating with all the family and friends we haven’t been able to see for so long.’

The 37-year-old’s sweetheart also shared her words, saying: ‘We’re both very excited and looking forward to it. She added,  ‘I already know the style of dress I want to wear, but won’t order it yet in case we have to change our plans again.’

Hamish Gaman and  Amelia Humfress stunned fans and friends when the couple publicly announced their engagement in March, as the previous season of Dancing On Ice was drawing to a close.

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