Bakray Kay Paye Recipe | Lazzat | Samina Jalil | Desi Food

Bakray Kay Paye are the real way to enjoy a Punjabi style breakfast. Try this dish and let us know how you liked it!

Watch this Masala TV video to learn how to make Bakray Kay Paye , Butter Naan and Zafrani Coconut Kheer Recipes. This show of Lazzat with Chef Samina Jalil aired on 26 August 2020.

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Bakray Kay Paye

Stock ingredients:
Mutton Trotters 4
Bone marrow (beef) 2
Onions 2
Whole garlic 1
Ginger 1 large
Aniseed 1tbsp
Whole coriander 2tbsp
Turmeric 1/2tsp
White cumin 1tbsp
Bay leaf 1
Salt as per taste
Green cardamom 8-10
All spice mix 1tbsp
Clarified butter as required
Spices ingredients:
Red paprika powder 1-1/2tbsp
Turmeric 1/2tsp
Salt 1-1/2tbsp
Onion powder 2tbsp
Yogurt 3/4cup
All spice powder 1-1/2tsp
Nutmeg, mace powder 1/2tsp
Garnishing ingredients:
Green coriander 1/2bunch
Ginger 2tbsp
Ginger garlic paste 1-1/2tbsp
Green chili finely cut 6-8

Firstly wash the mutton trotters and add the beef bone marrow and stocks ingredients in it. Now cook it with water till the trotters are tender. Then sieve the stock and separate the trotters from it and with it set aside the bone marrow pulp. Now heat clarified butter and roast ginger garlic paste, salt, turmeric and yogurt. After that add all spices powder, nutmeg mace powder and trotters stock to boil at high flame and cook 30mins at medium flame. lastly dish It out and garnish it with green coriander, green chili and ginger chopped to serve.

Butter Naan

Flour ½ kg
Salt 1 tsp
Sugar 1 tbsp
Nigella sativa 2 pinch
Butter 2-3 tbsp
Finely cut green coriander 2 tbsp
Yeast 1 tbsp
Water ½ cup

Zafrani Coconut Kheer

Milk 1-1/2 liter
Rice (boiled) 3/4cup
Coconut powder 4tbsp
Condensed milk 3/4cup
Pistachios as required
Sterling silver paper 1
Whole dried milk 1/2cup
Saffron as required

Add boiled rice in milk and cook till it thickens. Now add condensed milk, dried whole milk and coconut powder to mix thoroughly and cook till all the ingredients mix and the kheer thickens. Lastly add saffron in milk and dish it out and garnish it with pistachios and lastly serve it with sterling paper.


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