Apple iPhone 13 preview: Everything we know so far

The iPhone 12 ushered in a well-received update to the notched iPhone X aesthetic, borrowing the flat edges from older models for a slim, sleek look that is distinctive in the modern smartphone space.

Given Apple’s tendency to use its phone designs for 3-4 years with only minor changes, we don’t expect any huge visual differences this time around. Bloomberg reports that “Apple isn’t planning major changes for this year’s iPhone line” given all of the 2020 changes, and that the company considers it an S-like revision model, like the old iPhone 6s and previous versions that brought only slight changes.

Still, there should be tweaks in tow. Mac Otakara points to supply chain sources in saying that the iPhone 13 will be 0.26mm thicker (the iPhone 12 is 7.4mm thick, FYI), and that a redesigned notch will reposition some of its tech to make for a smaller overall result. A smaller notch has been rumoured each year since the release of the iPhone X, so we’ll see on that front.

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