The Main Characters, Ranked From Worst To Best By Character Arc

There are many anime series that comes to mind when one brings up must-watch shows for anyone getting into this particular medium, but one has to admit that a show that never gets the credit it’s due in this conversation is Future Diary. A captivating show that pits twelve people with diaries that can predict the future in a battle royal against each other, Future Diary uses this brilliant premise as a way to push forward an intriguing plot that is full to the brim with a ton of mysteries, plot twists, and everything else along the same lines.

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Of course, it would be impossible to talk about Future Diary without mentioning its characters, each of whom manages to be brilliant in their own right with excellent backstories and motivations that drive their own character arcs forward along with the plot itself. That being said, there are some character arcs that are handled more tastefully than others, and this list will take a look at all the character arcs of the main cast in detail while ranking them.

10 Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina from Future Diary

For a supposed God of Space and Time, it’s weird how Deus Ex Machina manages to be one of the least interesting characters in the entire show. One can almost call it an accomplishment of sorts.

It certainly doesn’t help his character that a literal God of Space and Time ends up being outsmarted by his helper who has the appearance of a child.

9 Muru Muru

Muru Muru from Future Diary

For all intents and purposes, Muru Muru could’ve actually been a great final antagonist in Future Diary, had it not been for the fact that her presence was incredibly muted for the first half of the show and her takeover of the Survival Game felt awfully forced as well.

While the events following her takeover are certainly quite entertaining, the character itself isn’t really all that compelling, to begin with.

8 Reisuke Hojo

Reisuke Hojo from Future Diary

The idea that a five-year-old could be trapped in a game of lies, deceit, and murder is awfully depressing, with Reisuke Hojo’s appearance pretty much setting the tone for just how brutal and depressing Future Diary could prove to be.

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The fact that he ends up trapping Yukiteru in his own house in a bid to kill him is disturbing enough as is, but the fact that he was content with the act of dying itself makes his character all the more twisted.

7 Kamado Ueshita

Kamado Ueshita from Future Diary

The only Future Diary owner who didn’t want to kill anybody in the game, Kamado Ueshita shows that even the purest of hearts can’t win a game that is already animalistic enough as is.

In her final moments, she still remains loyal to her own ethics and morals, noticing the good in Yukiteru’s heart and urging him to create a world where children don’t have to deal with evil, before being stabbed by Yuno.

6 Keigo Kurusu

Keigo Kurusu from Future Diary

At the start of the Survival Game, Keigo Kurusu was a noble and ethical detective who had no interest in the survival game. However, the illness that his son was afflicted by changed all this.

All of a sudden, Keigo decided to forsake all of his morals in order to become the next God of Space and Time in order to save his son — a move that ultimately led to his demise.

He served as a prime example of what forsaking one’s morals and ethics can do to someone.

5 Minene Uryu

Minene Uryu from Future Diary

Minene is easily one of the more interesting characters in the entire show, in no small part due to the views she holds in relation to religion, loneliness, and other stuff that is quite hard-hitting indeed.

The fact that she wishes to win the survival game in order to remove the concept of God itself, only to be bequeathed the abilities of Deus Ex Machina is quite an ironic turn of events indeed.

4 Tsubaki Kasugano

Tsubaki Kasugano from Future Diary

The story of Tsubaki Kasugano is a spine-chilling tale that shows just how brutal and unforgiving the world of Future Diary really is. Born into the Ometaka cult that had good intentions under the guidance of her parents, her life completely changes when her parents end up dying due to the acts of their second-in-command, Funatsu.

Tsubaki ended up being captured and tortured by Funatsu, and suffered under the cult members. She dealt with this hell for two years, with these assaults driving her insane to the point where she ended up as the psychotic Clairvoyant Diary owner who posed no end of problems for Yukiteru and Yuno.

3 Aru Akise

Aru Akise from Future Diary

One of the most unique and interesting characters in the entire show, Aru Akise was a character who had a massive effect on the events of the plot, with his overbearing need to protect Yukiteru staying strong even after his head was lopped off from his shoulders.

Initially appearing as an Observer created by Deus for the sole purposes of the Survival Game, Akise ends up proving that his will exists by coming back to life after Deus banished him, attaining the powerful Detective Diary in the process. He manages to do so by proving that his love for Yukiteru is real, and ends up fighting to his last breath in order to protect the person he loved.

2 Yuno Gasai


One of the most iconic yandere characters in anime history, Yuno Gasai is easily the most entertaining aspect of the entire series, with her psychotic obsession over Yukiteru governing her every single action.

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The fact that her Future Diary essentially keeps track of Yukiteru is a testament to just how far she’s willing to go to ensure that the two of them end up together… and she definitely has no problems performing the most heinous acts in order to ensure that Yukiteru remains next to him forever.

1 Yukiteru Amano

Yukiteru Amano from Future Diary

The protagonist of Future Diary is also the most relatable character in the show, with his reactions to the murders and horrible acts happening all around him being fairly understandable — after all, what person wouldn’t be horrified with the idea of being forced into a murderous game by God himself?

However, as the show progresses, Yukiteru ends up accepting the game and its rules and participates quite willingly along with Yuno Gasai — a character with whom he forms a bond that is an easy contender for one of the most messed-up relationships in anime history.

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