Britt Baker Suggests Cody Rhodes As Bayley’s Next Talk Show Segment Guest

The pro wrestling world saw two new segments debut this week. Britt Baker’s Waiting Room made its AEW Dynamite and that was followed by Bayley’s Ding Dong Hello on SmackDown. Britt Baker has a great suggestion for Bayley’s next guest.

Bayley’s first guest on Ding Dong Hello was Bianca Belair. WWE used that segment to further their rivalry.

Cody Rhodes was Britt Baker’s first guest on the Waiting Room’s Dynamite debut. When Baker saw WWE tweet out a question asking who should be Bayley’s next guest, Baker had a great reply.

AEW’s resident dentist tweeted back at WWE and said: “Cody.” We’ll have to see if that can be arranged, but it’s highly unlikely.

Cody Rhodes was a good first guest for Britt Baker on Dynamite, but odds are he’s not traveling back to WWE for a talk show segment. It does make us wonder how Bayley would react to having the American Nightmare ring her doorbell.

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