WWE Smackdown Results (1/15) – Universal Title Contract Signing

Welcome to ProWrestling.com’s live coverage of Monday Night Raw as the build to the WWE Royal Rumble begins and Triple H makes an appearance. Live coverage begins at 8:00 PM ET.

JANUARY 11, 2021


We are kicking off tonight’s WWE Legends Night with The Game, Triple H making his first-ever appearance inside the WWE ThunderDome. Triple H welcomes us to Monday Night Raw, but before he can say anything else, his former Evolution teammate, Randy Orton appears.

The Viper says that the office has decided to show up because Drew McIntyre couldn’t. Orton points out he was supposed to have a big match tonight, and Triple H says Randy is aware that’s not going to happen. Orton says he figures, that Triple H is here to make an official ruling.

He wants to know if HHH will let the world know that Orton will be entering the Royal Rumble last or if he will be handing the WWE Championship to him. Triple H says if he wants the title, he should win the Rumble, any way that he can.

Orton once again says Triple H needs to make a call and one that benefits him. Triple H says that it’s been impressive watching him over the last year and he’s watched the old Randy Orton step back in and he’s sat back and was in awe. However, he says a lot of people criticized and felt Orton went too far.

Triple H says he doesn’t know if he was ever more proud of Randy when he burned The Fiend, and he would have done the same thing. However, Triple H says since that point, there are a few things Orton has done he doesn’t understand.

He doesn’t understand kicking legends in the head or humiliating them like he did last week. Triple H says humiliating Ric Flair had no benefit, and that took his pride away and it solidified that Orton is not a legend, it solidified that Orton is no good prick.

Orton says the fact remains that he’s in his prime and he is a legend in his own time, just like Hunter was. Orton then suggests that maybe he should take the legend of Triple H out once and for good. Orton doesn’t want a match, he wants a good old-fashioned fight.

Triple H says that Orton is smart enough to know that when someone wants something, you don’t give them satisfaction, as there’s no benefit to him, the answer is no. Randy asks if that’s because Stephanie isn’t here and he was unable to retrieve his balls from her purse.

Triple H then goes back into the ring and drops the Viper with a right hand. Orton falls out of the ring and says, he guesses that means yes. It sounds like we have our main event, but commentary pushes that it isn’t official.


Charlotte Flair says Lacey Evans was classless, and she’s not the first or the last woman to hit on her father in front of her. She says that Ric understands their fallout was in the heat of the moment. She then asks why she’s being asked about her father before she goes to compete, claiming she doesn’t get it.

Lacey is then interviewed and said last week, she didn’t flirt with anyone who didn’t want to be flirted with. Evans says tonight, this match is dedicated to the Nature Boy and she blows him a kiss.


Drew McIntyre is shown from home and he says he has tested positive for COVID-19, and he is fortunate as he has no symptoms. He says if it can happen to him, it can happen to anybody. Drew urges people to wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines and says he will see us soon, but until then, stay safe.


Charlotte Flair starts out as the aggressor, taking the right to Lacey Evans as she then tries to catch her early on with a roll-up. Evans responds with a sharp kick to the midsection, but the Queen fires back with a big shoulder tackle. Flair then nails several signature chops and then a running knee in the corner, but once again Evans is able to kick out.

Flair locks her legs around Lacey’s and slams her headfirst into the ring countless times and she then hits a hug forearm as she then attacks the knee of Evans. Flair looks for the Figure Four, but Lacey quickly grabs the ropes to stop that.

However, Ric Flair then makes his way out!

When the match returns from the commercial, it is actually Evans who is in control, slamming into her in the corner and the fight heads outside the ring where Charlotte gets sent into the barricade. Back in the ring, Charlotte shows her power and slams Evans to the mat and she then connects with a sharp kick to the face of Evans.

However, she misses with the big boot and gets hung up on the top rope as Evans rips her down by her hair. Flair fights back though with several clotheslines and then a neck breaker and an exploded. Flair then sends Evans out of the ring with another huge boot but she puts Lacey back in and looks for the moonsault, only for Lacey to pull her down.

But despite that, Flair responds well and hitsNatural Selection by the ropes, but RicFlair then puts Lacey’s foot on the ropes for her. Charlotte and Ric begin arguing and that allows Lacey to try and hit the Woman’s Right, yet Flair avoids it and sends her over the top rope.

She looks to suplex Evans back into the ring, but once again Ric gets involved and pulls his daughter’s foot, which leads to Evans landing on top of her. Lacey then goes for the pin and Ric holds Charlotte’s foot down, stopping her from kicking out.

Winner: Lacey Evans

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