Southern Iran Hit By 5.5 Magnitude Earthquake – Seismologists

Southern Iran Hit by 5.5 Magnitude Earthquake - Seismologists

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 16th January, 2021) A 5.5 magnitude earthquake has hit the southern Iranian province of Hormozgan, the national seismological center said on Saturday.

The tremor was registered at 21:31 GMT on Friday, with the epicenter located at a depth of 18 kilometers (11 miles), according to the Iranian seismologists.

There are no reports about any damage or victims caused by the earthquake.

Iran is located in a seismically active zone as lies along the border between the Arabian and Eurasian tectonic plates and often suffers from powerful earthquakes. The deadliest earthquake in the country’s history occurred in 856 AD, killing some 200,000 people.

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