Indian fan complains of racism at SCG during third Test : Cricket

A security officer stopped Kumar, informing him that one of the banners exceeded the permitted dimensions.

When he requested to speak to a security supervisor, Kumar was asked to leave.

“He told me, ‘If you need to address this matter, go back to where you belong’,” Kumar said.

“It was a very small banner. I made it out of my kids’ paper roll,” he added.

Kumar said the official then told the junior guards to “make sure we give him a complete frisking when he gets back”.

He went out to empty his bag in his car. However, on return he was subjected to a lengthy check and was shouted at aggressively. He was also ordered through a metal detector.

More security was added to the section he was seated in, including a female guard of Indian origin, to monitor if he was “using any other language”.

“To me this is a pure case of profiling. They changed their entire formation so the guy next to the boundary is standing right in front of me and facing me,” Kumar said.

Nothing surprising here.

Goes to show that you may come from a first world country but you could still have a third class upbringing.

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