Hugh Grant Doesn’t Remember What Happens In Love Actually

Hugh Grant admits he doesn’t remember the ending of Love Actually. Grant played the UK Prime Minister in the rom-com that is now a Christmas classic.

As many of his characters often do, Hugh Grant has managed to charm his way out of answering a question, this time from an interviewer about a possible Love Actually sequel, claiming he doesn’t even remember what happens in the original. The British actor is known for playing charismatic, caddish leads, beginning with a string of roles in romantic comedies like Bridget Jones’s Diary and Notting Hill. Grant played the UK Prime Minister as part of the ensemble cast of Richard Curtis’ Christmas classic.

The tree-of-life-style rom-com interweaves eight different stories occurring in the London area during the Christmas holiday season. It’s revealed over the course of the movie the characters involved in each plotline are related or connected in some way to those in other stories. These small degrees of separation between individuals send a touching message of togetherness that has made the movie into a classic often rewatched during the holidays. Grant’s character, David, like most of the film’s protagonists, is dealing with problems of the heart. After getting involved in a secret relationship with one of his staffers, the Prime Minister reassigns Natalie’s (Martine McCutcheon) position, only to realize later that he has fallen for her. The two are reunited when Natalie pens a letter to David admitting her feelings, and David exposes their relationship to the public onstage during his nephew’s Christmas pageant.

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Grant discusses the beloved Christmas classic in a recent interview with Digital Spy, Along with other Love Actually characters’ oft-referenced resolutions, David and Natalie’s reunion is a memorable moment for many fans. When asked about the possibility of a Love Actually sequel, the actor was hesitant to commit to anything. Despite the film’s now-iconic status, Grant admits that he can’t remember what happens in the movie, nor can he recall what befalls the character that he played:

I don’t know. I’ve never thought about that…I can’t even remember what happens in the film…It’s so long since I’ve seen it. You’d have to remind me. How do I end up?

Love Actually Hugh Grant

As of now, Love Actually 2 is purely theoretical. Curtis technically already produced a sequel back in 2017 titled Red Nose Day Actually, a comedic short film for television that follows up with the characters 14 years later. The movie was made to raise money for the UK charity Comic Relief. Curtis hasn’t discussed any plans for a feature-length sequel.

Considering how much time has passed since Love Actually was filmed, it’s not unbelievable that Grant would forget his lines now. That said, he did reprise the role just four years ago. As for Love Actually 2, Curtis and the cast already provided fans with a sweet reunion for their favorite characters with the mini-sequel. In many ways, Red Nose Day was a perfect answer to the demand for a sequel, as it allowed Curtis to parody his own material by acknowledging audience critiques while also giving his characters the happy endings they deserve.

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Source: Digital Spy

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