Gigi Hadid has ‘settled into being a new mom with perfect ease:’ source

‘Motherhood has come to Gigi Hadid with such ease. She is such a natural,’ spills a source 

Gigi Hadid is settling well into her new role as a mother, after welcoming first daughter with boyfriend Zayn Malik. 

According to an insider close to the couple, the supermodel “is settling in to being a new mom perfectly. Motherhood has come to her with such ease. She is such a natural.”

Meanwhile, the tipster revealed how Gigi’s father, Mohamed Hadid, is ‘super thrilled to become a grandfather.’

“Gigi knows she is so lucky to have her family as a support system while experiencing this new chapter of her life. 

The insider added she and ‘Zayn both have very close relationships with their families and raising their daughter with that same loving environment is very important to them.’

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