Reshmi Paratha Recipe | Masala Mornings| Shireen Anwar | Desi Food

Reshmi Paratha is as delicious as it can get! It is loaded with scrumptiousness and the crispy other layer makes it irresistible.

Watch this Masala TV video to learn how to make Reshmi Paratha , Murgh Malai Wala and Qeema Raita Recipes. This show of Masala Mornings with Shireen Anwar aired on 21 December 2020.

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Reshmi Paratha:


Flour 2 cups
Cream ½ cup
Sugar 1 tbsp
Instant yeast ½ tsp heaped
Salt ½ tsp
Water to knead
Clarified butter for stuffing and frying


In a bowl knead together flour, yeast, salt, cream and sugar with water into a soft dough, keep aside for 1 hour. Now make balls, spread with ghee, roll as shown, re-roll and fry adding ghee while frying.

Murgh Malai Wala:


Chicken 1 kg
Cashew nuts paste 3 tbsp
Cream ½ cup
Butter 2 ounce
Ghee 3 tbsp
White pepper ½ tsp
Crushed red pepper 1 tsp
Salt 1 ½ tsp
Onion boiled /blended 2
Cardamom powder ½ tsp
Ginger garlic 1 tbsp
Allspice ½ tsp
Yogurt ½ cup


Heat ghee, add onion, add onion paste, fry till golden, add ginger garlic with chicken, cover and cook for 10 mins, add cashew nut paste mixed with yogurt, elaichi powder, crushed pepper, white pepper, salt, cook till chicken done. Lastly add cream, allspice and remove.

Qeema raita:


Mince chicken 250gm
Ginger garlic 1 tsp
Salt ½ tsp
Onion coarsely chopped 1
Oil ¼ cup
Cardamom seeds only grinded 1
Choti elaichi seeds only grinded 2
Cloves 4
Black pepper 6
Crushed red pepper 1 tsp
Chili powder ½ tsp
Allspice ½ tsp
Crushed coriander 1 tbsp
Roasted and crushed cumin ½ tsp
Yogurt 1 ½ cup
Chopped coriander leaves 1 tbsp
Chopped green chilies 2

Marinate mince with ginger garlic paste and salt, keep aside. Heat oil, add cloves and black pepper, onion, sauté till soft, add marinated mince with red pepper, coriander, allspice, cook well till oil comes on top, add elaichi powder. Beat yogurt, add mince, roasted and crushed cumin and lightly fold, do not over mix, garnish with chopped hara masala.


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