What Is Skin Icing? An Expert Breaks Down the TikTok Trend

From skin slugging to soap brows, TikTok has become a gold mine for all kinds of out-there beauty trends and hacks that we’re not ashamed to admit we’ve tried once or twice. Now, another buzzword hitting the platform in the last few months is “skin icing,” which, jarring as it might sound, is believed to improve your skin’s health and appearance.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term, skin icing is the act of putting literal ice on your face. It’s a form of cold therapy that’s been around for ages and involves treating the skin with ice, ice rollers, ice water, or any cryotherapy tool that can lower the temperature of the skin. The point, as noted to us by celebrity facialist Candace Marino, is to “reduce inflammation, redness, and puffiness, while also stimulating circulation and helping to sculpt the face.”

These, of course, aren’t the only reasons we’ve been seeing the trend everywhere lately. Read ahead to learn more about the benefits of skin icing and how you can safely do it at home.

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