Jerry Jones needs to channel John Elway for sake of the franchise

If Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants to win, perhaps he should step down as the team’s GM. 

One of the toughest things for someone in power to do is relinquish it. For the Denver Broncos, John Elway must have struggled to say goodbye to his role as the team’s general manager.

With the hiring of George Paton, the Broncos’ regime will be going in a new direction. Will it be a good one? Who’s to say following an up-and-down season.

The real storyline though is on Elway, who’s chased to find the next franchise quarterback since landing Peyton Manning back in 2012. People in power want all the control. Sometimes, that backfires right back in their face, leaving no one else to blame.

Will Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones follow a similar path to that of Elway? Will he give up his role as the team’s general manager?

The answer remains the same as it did years ago: No.

For the sake of the franchise, Jones needs to let go of the control

A 6-10 finish from Mike McCarthy should have been enough to fire him. Jones instead will give it another go. A team lives or dies by quarterback play. Dak Prescott remains without a long-term deal.

And one look back at his recent history of draft picks shows Jones’ incompetence. Anyone else remember when Johnny Manziel almost was taken over Zach Martin?

Playing the role of GM has aggravated fans over the years. Dallas hasn’t won a Super Bowl since 1995 and only has four playoff wins since Super Bowl XXX. The team failed to win against the 31st ranked offense and rival New York that could have put them in the playoff picture.

Should another GM be in his spot, Jones would have the power to fire him and start fresh. How does one fire themselves? If someone has the answer, send it to “The Star” pronto.

Seven executive positions were open this offseason. Five remain and multiple names from winning franchises could be in line for the job. Should Jones relinquish his power, Dallas would become the top destination overnight.

With the right executive leading the way, there would be no rebuild. Instead, it would be a resurgence from the glory days that made Dallas “America’s Team” for years.

But no. Jones wants to win, but he wants to win his way.

Elway made the sacrifice to give up the control to fix his franchise. It might work out and it might fall flat. However, change is inevitable and adaptability is the only way to survive in the NFL today.

If Jones wants another title, he’ll need to pull an Elway. For the sake of the franchise, it’s time to hire a true GM in Dallas.

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