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IMPACT Wrestling

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Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, Kenny Omega along with Don Callis are set to appear as Good Brother Karl Anderson takes on IMPACT World Champ Rich Swann in singles action. Plus, a freshly brainwashed Deaner faces off against Tommy Dreamer.

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IMPACT Wrestling, January 12, 2020
Commentators: Josh Mathews & Madison Rayne

Taya Valkyrie (w/ Rosemary) vs. Kimber Lee (w/ Deonna Purrazzo)

Lee charges Taya and she slams her head against two turnbuckles before hair whipping the former champ. Taya boots herself free and takes Lee down before pounding away at her. Stomps occur and then chest slaps. Kim slides to the outside and Taya charges at her, but Lee gets a leg up (literally). Back in the ring Lee is in control. Float over suplex for a two count. Grapevine stretch but Taya rolls back for a pin attempt.ย  Lee rolls and gets a pin attempt of her own. Headlock.

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