Alberta musician Corb Lund on proposed coal mines in Rockies: ‘I 100% oppose these policy changes’

An Alberta musician is coming out against proposed coal mines for the province’s Rocky Mountains.

Corb Lund, who has sung around the world about cowboy culture and rural life for decades, has released a Facebook video in which he calls the plans short-sighted and a threat.

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Alberta government to change restrictions on foothills coal mining to ease development

Alberta’s United Conservative government has revoked a 1976 policy that kept coal mines out of the mountains and eastern slopes of the Rockies.

One mine is currently under review and vast areas of the mountains have been leased for exploration.

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Alberta decision to open Rockies to coal mining to face court challenges in new year

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Lund, who says he’s done thorough research into the issue, says those plans endanger the ranching lifestyles of his neighbours and the drinking water for millions downstream.

Click to play video 'Impact of Alberta rolling back open-pit coal mine restrictions'

Impact of Alberta rolling back open-pit coal mine restrictions

Impact of Alberta rolling back open-pit coal mine restrictions – Aug 19, 2020

“I need to say that these are my own personal comments about a matter of public interest; they are not intended to be made maliciously, but from a place of deep personal concern, driven by all of the information that I’ve gathered on this issue,” Lund wrote.

“I’m neutral on all of this as far as political affiliation; I’d say the same no matter who was behind this. I’ve tried to be fair minded and consider all points of view.

“After much study of the situation, I’m writing this to tell you that I 100 per cent oppose these policy changes.

“In my opinion, it’s a very big threat to much of our fresh water and our landscape, and a terrible idea for Alberta’s long-term wellbeing.”

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Alberta offers Rocky Mountain coal leases after rescinding protection policy

He’s urging people to speak out and oppose open-pit coal mines in the Rockies.

He also criticized the province for making the changes quietly, without consultation, and says he doesn’t think that’s how you should govern.

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