TV Tonight Awards 2020: Channel of the Year

ABC has reclaimed its position as the Channel of the Year, as voted by readers in the TV Tonight Awards for 2020.

Network 10, which won for the previous 12 months, was runner-up.

FOX Showcase has again won Best Pay TV Channel while Netflix has never lost the Best Streaming Platform category.

Readers overwhelmingly chose Bushfire News Coverage as the (Second Biggest) Story of the Year -this year COVID-19 related coverage was automatically deemed the Story of 2020. News coverage of the US Election and Black Lives Matter events were also considered to be of major significance.

Sam Pang (Have You Been Paying Attention / The Front Bar) is a repeat winner in the Most Underrated Performer category. New entries this year include Tom Gleisner and Susie Youssef.

Channel of the Year: ABC 
(2019: 10)

Pay TV Channel: FOX Showcase 
FOX Footy
FOX Sports / BBC First
(2019: FOX Showcase)

Best Streaming Platform: Netflix *
Disney+ / Amazon Prime Video
(2019: Netflix)

(Second Biggest) Story of the Year: Bushfire News Coverage *
US election coverage
Black Lives Matter news coverage
MasterChef refreshes
Govt questions ABC, criticises Four Corners
(2019: ABC raid / Freedom of Press)

Most Underrated Performer: Sam Pang 
Jackie Woodburne
Sarah Harris
Susie Youssef / Tom Gleisner
(2019: Sam Pang)

International Show We Need to See Here: Love Victor 
Holey Moley
Big Sky
(2019: The Circle)

There were 354 surveys completed this year.

35% of you visit the site more than once a day and 33% once a day.

89% voted the site Excellent or Very Good, with 0 people voting “Disappointing.”

Thanks once again to all who participated!


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