Olivia Posts About ‘Not Excusing Abusive Behaviors’

After a contentious season finale where Olivia Plath refused to speak to Kim and Barry, could she be calling out her in-laws with this post?

Olivia Plath is seemingly standing up for herself and her husband Ethan via Instagram after the contentious season 2 finale of Welcome to Plathville. She added several posts to her story about setting healthy boundaries and not excusing abusive behavior.

Olivia Plath set a quite literal boundary during Welcome to Plathville’s season finale by waiting in the car when Ethan went to talk with his parents. Ethan and Olivia had gone no contact from Ethan’s parents, Kim and Barry Plath, but Ethan came over to “Plathville” to say goodbye to his siblings. He and Olivia were about to move, and Ethan wanted his siblings to be able to see himself and Olivia one last time. Olivia, however, did not want to see Kim and Barry, and Kim and Barry refused to let the Plath children walk to the car without them. Then, Barry started walking toward the car to talk to Olivia before Ethan physically stopped him and stated, “You are not going to walk over to my wife. Do you understand?

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This interaction may have been the last one Ethan’s had with his parents since, because Olivia told People in December that she and Ethan were still on a no-contact basis with his parents. She also said that Kim and Barry have not reached out to them. Olivia seemed to defend her and Ethan’s actions this week through a series of Instagram stories. She shared one post from The Black Sheep Survives that read, “Stop excusing abusive behaviors/downplaying it. This is part of why people don’t speak up. They get unnecessary feedback from ppl filled with minimizing their experiences. How can people process or let things go they can’t even talk about in the first place?” This may have been aimed at Barry and Kim themselves, or possibly at the fans who criticize Olivia for being too hard toward her in-laws.

Olivia also shared a post from DLC Anxiety, which was a thread called “8 Sentences I Wish I Read Sooner.” A number of the eight sentences in particular seemed to be comments on her personal situation. One of the sentences was, “Anything you lose when you stand up for yourself, protect your boundaries and begin to grow, was not meant to stay.” Another read, “Don’t be upset about disrespect from people you don’t respect.” After being judged and bad-mouthed by Kim and Barry to Ethan and even behind his back, Olivia likely has had enough of hearing their disrespect.

While we wait to hear the status of season 3 of Welcome to Plathville, it seems that Ethan and Olivia are standing their ground when it comes to setting boundaries and not accepting parental abuse. Olivia has always been gently revealing hard truths to her husband Ethan, and it looks like that won’t be changing anytime soon.

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