Moose ‘Quits’ After Rich Swann Guarantees Him A Title Shot


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Tonight’s IMPACT Genesis pay-per-view ended in an incredible “I Quit” match between Willie Mack and Moose, where the two dueled it out to see who was the better superstar. In a shocking ending, however, Moose willingly quit the match after Rich Swann intervened and granted Moose a title match. 

In a match that saw both superstars going at it from the start, it was Moose who ended up dominating late. Moose landed a huge elbow to the face of Mack to knock him out. Although Mack seemed to be down and out, Moose wouldn’t stop, and set his head up inside of a chair in an effort to deal a brutal blow to the superstar.

However, just as Moose was getting ready to do it, Rich Swann came running down to the ringside, and said that he would give Moose a title shot if he would let Mack go. 

In a surprising turn of events, Moose acknowledged the offer, and said that he finally got what he wanted. He then quit the match, giving Mack the technical win but leaving him badly hurt and being tended to by Swann. The night ended with Moose walking out of the ring with a title shot, and Swann helping his friend up after a hard-fought match.

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