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It’s been a long while since I last enjoyed a new comedy. For some reason I had missed the 2 said movies and caught them over the past week. Had a lot of fun with both.

Horrible Bosses has an excellent cast featuring Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis as the three protagonists out to kill their bosses. Charlie Day is a standout. The real fun however, is thanks to the villains played by Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell. While Spacey is good, Aniston and Farrell steal the show.

The writing is solid, the pacing is quite good and the actors are all on form. Oh, and Jamie Foxx makes a great cameo. Won’t spoil the jokes. I’d rate it 8/10.

We’re the Millers features 2 actors from Horrible bosses as the 2 leads: Sudeikis and Aniston. Sudeikis shines here and has got some excellent lines. Will Poulter is impressive as well. Emma Roberts is good. This is about 4 friends/strangers going on a drug smuggling trip while posing as a family. Again, you will find plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

It has its flaws as well. Takes a while to get going, and the final act is cliched. Ed Helms is annoying. But the ending does come together nicely. I would give it an 8/10.

Here’s a nice blooper reel from the movie

What are your thoughts on these movies?

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