Alex Trebek’s Last Jeopardy! Show Airs, Daughter Pays Tribute

Alex Trebek‘s daughter Nicky Trebek took to social media to honor her father after his final Jeopardy! episode aired.

The beloved host of the game show died at age 80 in November following a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer and just 10 days after he filmed his last episode. Originally, his last Jeopardy! episode was supposed to air on Christmas Day but it was rescheduled to broadcast on Friday, Jan. 8. Alex is survived by wife Jean Trebek, their two children Emily and Matthew and Nicky, who he helped raise when he was married to ex-wife Elaine Trebek Kare, and who worked as a Jeopardy! production coordinator.

“@jeopardy #jeopardyforever #wemissyoudad,” Nicky wrote on Instagram on Friday evening. “You were extraordinary!!! #instagram.”

Nicky, who celebrated her 55th birthday that day, also reposted on her Instagram Story a video montage of Alex hosting Jeopardy! that was shared on the show’s social media accounts, as well as a screenshot from the clip show that shows him from behind walking off the set and fist-pumping, Breakfast Club movie-style. She wrote, “We miss you dad.”

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