WWE reportedly dropped the ball on Carlito’s Raw appearance, no-show not related to travel issues

On Monday evening, Fightful reported that travel issues prevented Carlito from appearing on WWE Raw for the Legend’s Night show.

Many fans on social media were unhappy that Carlito was not on the show as many were hoping to see him since it’s been over a decade since he has appeared on Monday Night Raw.

It turns out that the issues were on WWE’s side and travel had nothing to do with him not being on the show. Wrestling Inc. is reporting that Carlito was never officially booked for the show.

Apparently, someone in WWE jumped the gun, and Carlito was included in advertising for the show but he was never officially booked. WWE did send out feelers to certain legends, including Carlito, to see if they could be booked to appear but nothing was ever signed.

In classic Carlito fashion, he appeared to shrug things off with a GIF on his Twitter account. For what it’s worth, WWE has shown interest in bringing him back in the last few years but both sides have never been able to come to terms.

Other names that were advertised and did not appear include Candice Michelle and Mick Foley. In Foley’s case, the decision was made for him not to appear since he is recovering from COVID-19.

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