Chicken Korma Recipe Pakistani desi style

Step by step recipe of easy  Chicken Korma recipe Pakistani style with photos of each step. This is authentic, degi and shahi korma that is often served in wedding ceremonies and is called shadoyoon wala korma.

Updated: 14 December, 2020

Chicken Korma served in bowl, with salad on the side.

What is Chicken Korma?

Korma is South Asian (that is Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi) yogurt based curry. What makes korma different from other curry is the strong aroma of cardamom and other whole spices.

Origin of korma

Korma is came in to being is the Mughal kitchen where spices and nuts were profuse. From there they spread to other regions including Uk under British rule and further when south Asian immigrant took their heritage around the world.

Types of korma

Different version of this dish developed, milder creamy UK version, spicier tangy desi version, white korma with nuts and so on.

Non-veg korma is can be made with lamb, beef or chicken which popular in Pakistan and Indian Muslims. Nauratan korma or Veg korma is usually made with 9 types of mixed vegetable and paneer or/and nuts. It is more popular in India.

Chicken korma recipe Pakistani desi style

Why tomato is not added in traditional korma?

It’s interesting to know that many Mughal dishes are made without tomato. As tomato reached Asia in early 19 century and before that yogurt or tamarind was used to add tartness to the food. So authentic Pakistani Chicken Korma recipe is without tomato. (Although some people add tomatoes in korma and it does taste yummy too but it’s not korma.)

What makes Pakistani korma different?

Korma or qorma is a famous or in fact iconic Pakistani dish. Pakistani korma is moderately spiced yogurt based curry. It is rich with spices and nuts; kewra or saffron is also added for aroma. As qorma, Korma literally means fried meat. Pardon me for a little extra oil.

How to store korma?

Chicken Korma can be stored in fridge for 2-3 days. Or you can freeze it for 2 months.

What to serve with korma?

Korma is served with taftan, naan or sheermal. However, it taste great with roti and chapati too. Pair it with some fresh salad and desi meetha like Kulfi.

How to make Chicken Korma recipe Pakistani style

Now this recipe is simple and easy. The method is slightly different as we will use onion paste instead of fried onions which is desi way of doing it. Taste is good. I’m not using nuts or saffron or cream and I have tried to keep it simple for everyday cooking. 

Onion paste.

We start with blending onions into a fine paste.

Fry onion paste.

Next in pot fry onion in ½ cup oil.

Add spices.

Fry till onion water dries up the add remaining  ¼ cup oil. Add spices, ginger and garlic paste.

Fried onions.

Now fry the onion paste with spices for 7-10 minutes until oil fully separates and onion are sticking to bottom. Stir constantly. This step is crucial to taste so being a bit patient will help.

Add chicken

Add chicken, cover the pot and cook on slow heat for few minutes until chicken releases water. Then cook on medium heat for 15 -20 minutes until tender. Check in between if required add half cup water.

Add yogurt.

Add whipped yogurt, mix well and cook for few more minutes.

Delicious chicken korma in a black pot.

Yummy Korma is ready.

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Chicken korma recipe Pakistani desi style

Chicken Korma Recipe Pakistani desi style

An easy korma recipe for everyday cooking.

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Serve with taftan or sheermal.

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