Bhindi Recipe Pakistani| Okra Masala

This is an everyday simple bhindi recipe, Pakistan style and I bet, this will be the most delicious Okra masala that you would ever eat. It is quick and easy to make and tastes great every time. Check the tips to make it the best bhindi every time.

Bhindi served in plate with chapati and chutney served on the side.

Bhindi Masala

Bhindi is also known as Okra and ladyfinger, is a delicious vegetable. The dry Okra curry with lots of piyaz (chopped onion), tomato, and Indian spices is called Bhindi masala or Okra masala.

The taste of this okra masala is tangy, spicy and midly sweet. So it is quite chappatta in flavor. The bhindi is not slimy and taste yum.

The benefits of eating Okra or Bhindi

Bhindi is a staple food in most South Asian homes, due to its amazing benefits. It’s high in fiber and the slimy stuff in it is actually good for joints and knee lubrication. Some people even recommend, eating 4-5 raw okra every day to increase lubrication in the knee. Read more Okra benefits here.

Tips for best Pakistani Bhindi Masala

Many people dislike this vegetable because of its slimy, sticky gravies. Making good bhindi masala is all about how to make a non-slimy lady finger (bhindi). Below I’m sharing the trick for overcoming stickiness in bhindi.

How do Clean Fresh Okra or bhindi?

Small organic okra make best bhindi masala.

Wash and dry Okra Bhindi before cutting.

Okra should be absolutely dry before cutting, if not the slim liquid will make chopping messy. So first wash and dry Okra on a towel, and air-dry further for a few minutes.

Cut head and tail of bhindi.
Cut bhindi into pieces.

Chop the bhindi as shown in photographs. If any bhindi is hard and fibrous to cut. Simply discard it.

How do you make okra curry without sticky gravy?

There are various methods to make okra less sticky or slimy. Remember the less liquid you add in okra, the less sticky it is. So basically you dry out excess water in okra. If using fresh okra, wash it thoroughly and drain all water. Dry any excess water by dabbing each okra with a kitchen towel. Then chop it.

Frying okra: This method is widely used in which you shallow fry okra in oil until half-done. Obviously, this method makes okra very oily and unhealthy.

Dry roasting Okra: The simple and healthy method is to cook bhindi in an empty skillet or pan without oil or anything until half-cooked. Then add it to the dry gravy in the end. This is the method that I used in this recipe.

Dry roast bhindi.

Put chopped bhindi and ½ teaspoon salt in a pot and cook it without oil with constant stirring on medium heat.

Sticky tread visible in bhindi

The sticky thread visible in the pic will burn and we will have half done Okra/bhindi which not at all slimy or sticky. Set aside and use it as needed in any bhindi recipe.

Step by step Pakistani Bhindi Ki recipe

Fry spices in oil.

Simultaneously, in another pan heat oil, fry garlic, cumin, and fenugreek for a few seconds. When garlic is lightly golden add all the remaining spices. (You can use the same pan bhindi too.)

Keep frying and stirring the spices for bhindi recipe.

Give it a stir and fry for another few seconds.

Sautee onion along with spices.

Add onions and cook until soft as shown in the picture.

Add tomato puree.

Add tomatoes (I used homemade pureed tomatoes, you can be used chopped too), cover and cook until tomatoes are soft and cooked.

Add tamarind pulp and sugar.
Add tamarind pulp

Add tamarind pulp and a ½ teaspoon sugar. ( You can substitute tamarind pulp and sugar with tamarind chutney or even barbecue sauce.) Cover and cook until tomato water dries and you see a little oil separating on the sides of the pan.

Add Bhindi and cook further.

Add the roasted and half-cooked bhindi/okra in the tomato gravy and cook until soft and fully done.

Make a taste test, add more 1/2 tablespoon extra tamarind pulp if needed. Make it chatpatti! Garnish with green chili slices and serve bhindi with Green chutney, chapati, and rice.

Pakistani Bhindi recipe is ready to eat.

Pakistani Bhindi is ready to eat.

What to serve with bhindi?

Bhindi tastes great with most Indian flat bread like Kulcha, naan, roti or chapati. It taste great with zeera rice, matar pulao or plain rice. Serve it with you favourite chutney or pickle and fresh salad.

How to store bhindi?

Like most veggies, freshly cooked bhindi masala tastes best and has highest nutritional value. You can stre bhindi in the fridge for 2-3 days. After that it is still edible but not nutritious and tasty. You can freeze bhindi too. Unlike other veggies, bhindi retains its shape and taste upon freezing.

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How to make Bhindi Recipe Pakistani

Bhindi Masala Recipe Pakistani, delicious!

A quick bhindi recipe for lunch or side dish that tastes homely and yummy.

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