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Step by step orange peel tea recipe with photos. Orange peel tea is a tasty tea that you can make to change your mood and boost immunity. The tangy flavors of the tea will burst in your mouth long after having it. You can make the simple orange tea into a tea of your choice by adding green or black tea, milk chai or iced tea.

Four types of orange peel in cups on the blue background.

Updated: 5 December 2020

The tea has a refreshing taste but I like it occasionally only for a change in the evening. Children definitely like it. To make orange peel tea choose fresh organic oranges with a thin peel.

Orange Peel Tea

You might have wondered can I drink boiled orange peels? Well, orange peel water will obviously not taste good but if turn it into a hot orange peel tea or cold orange ice tea drink, you can not certainly drink it and enjoy the benefits too.

Benefits of Orange peel

We all know that the flavors and vitamins of orange are more in the peel than in juice. Then? Does it make sense throwing all those vitamins in the garbage? Of course not.

Have you ever wondered what is orange tea good for? Orange peel has 60 different types of flavonoid and 170 types of phytonutrients apart from being rich in vitamins, minerals, pectin, and fibers. Historically, Chinese people had used Orange tea for medicinal purposes for a long time.  Here are a few major benefits.

  • Relieves respiratory problems like cold, flu, asthma by expelling congestion.
  • Helps weight loss by reducing appetite
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant
  • anti-cancer
  • Good for oral health as it removes bad breath and whitens teeth.
  • Helps boost overall body immunity by increasing vitamin C intake.

Side effect

It has practically no side effects if consumed in moderation. Increase use can cause diarrhea, or vomiting.

How to store orange peels.
  • You can sun dry orange peels.
  • You can also oven dry on the lowest setting till the edges of the peel are slightly dry.
  • Or you can slice orange peels and leave them on the counter to dry naturally.
  • Never store fresh peel in the fridge, always store at room temperature.
Orange peel tea in cup.

Variations: What can I add to orange tea?

When you say orange tea, it means tea with orange flavor. You can enhance flavor further with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. You can also add any tea of your choice like green tea or black. A little lemon juice or orange can definitely add a flavor boost.

How to store orange tea?

The classic orange tea, which is boiled orange peel water with spices can be stored in a fridge for two days. After adding green tea or black tea, it should be consumed quickly.

How to make orange tea?

There is no rocket science in making orange tea. What makes it amazing is YOU! I can’t give you your perfect orange tea recipe. In this post, I endeavor to explain exactly what flavors, combos you can make with this tea. And how you can turn boiled orange water into an amazing drink both hot and cold.

Let begin by boiling water. And choose shiny and thin orange peel, slice the peels.

Orange peels boiling in water.

Boil water. Add orange peels and spices. ( I used cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. You can add ginger too. Cloves can be skipped too.)

Add honey to orange peel water.

Boil for 2 minutes. Add honey or sugar or any other sweetener.

Steep the tea.

Cover and let the tea steep for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes reheat and add lemon juice. Do a taste test, add more sweetener or lemon juice to taste if needed. Strain, and serve your simple or classic orange tea is ready.

Now, this plain orange peel tea is good but it could be better, so read on.

Add green tea.

For Orange green tea: After steeping add the green tea and boil for 30 sec. (You may use teabags). Strain and serve your Orange peel green tea.

Orange peel green tea in a cup.

This is pretty good but if you like black tea, read ahead.

Add black tea .

For orange peel black tea after steeping, instead of green tea add black tea and boil for 60 secs. ( You may add the teabag.) Serve hot.

 If you want orange ice tea. You can add orange juice and ice in brewed black. Enjoy chilled.

Orange peel black tea.

Now let’s say you love milk tea or chai tea. So add milk to your black tea and turn it into chai tea. Skip the lemon juice or the milk can curdle.

Chai boiling in a pot.

For orange peel chai, add milk in black tea and boil for another 60 seconds. Strain and serve hot. (I’m chai lover and I like the orange chai tea best but sometimes, not daily.)

orange peel tea Chai in cup.

So here my quest or craze to try all types of orange tea ends.

Love your tea? Me too, check these!

Four types of orange peel in cups on the blue background.

Orange peel tea recipe

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Classic Orange Peel Tea (Plain)

Add below ingredients to make specific orange tea.


Orange peel chai (skip lemon juice)

Orange peel tea, Orange tea

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