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Step by step Boondi Raita recipe with photos of each step. This is a super simple and yummy recipe. You need boondi, (made from chickpea flour batter). You can get these in any Indian store or Nimco shop. You can find recipe of boondi here.

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Boondi raita served on a plate in a bowl.

What is Boondi Raita?

Raita is spiced yogurt sauce. By adding different veggies in it you can make a variety of raita like aloo raita, palak raita, piyaz raita and today I’m sharing a very delicious boondi raita.

Boondi are tiny, deep-fried, and crispy gram flour dumplings that is added to yogurt to make boondi raita or added to any chat as a crispy condiment.

Taste of this Boondi Raita:

Ok, these are very much like Dahi bara, but what makes these special is instead of soaking boondi in the water you directly add them in yogurt, the crunchy boondi, along with sweet yogurt, crunchy onion, and potatoes are an absolute delight and treat in the mouth.

This is not traditional raita, it is next-level delicious and good as a salad on its own too. You can serve it as a snack in the evening or along with any Indian/ Pakistani meal as a delicious side.

This is an intendedly simple recipe but you can play around with a variety of chutneys, like adding tamarind chutney and green chutney too. So without much ado let’s move to the recipe.

How to make Boondi Raita, Next level recipe

The raita need some sort of spice. The simple spice blend taste amazing due to freshness.

Spice mix.

Roast and ground ingredients of spice mix.

Raita seasoning.

Mix sugar, salt, spices mix, to the yogurt.

Add veggies to raita.

Now, add onion, potato and cucumber in whipped yogurt.


Yogurt is mixed. Keep it in the fridge to cool. Just before serving top with boondi, paapri and chat masala and enjoy! Keep more boondi, papri and chat masala handy to top again.

Three bowls of Boondi raita with chat masala on the side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this sweet boondi raita?

Yes, this raita tastes like dahi bara, you can cut sugar to only 1 teaspoon if you want namkeen raita.

Can I mix boondi in the raita instead of adding on the top?

Yes! You can add most of boondi in the raita just before serving. This will keep the boondi crunchy in the core and soft on the outside. Mixing it a few hours ahead can make boondi soggy and you might need to add extra yogurt and milk to thin it out.

How to store boondi raita?

Alway store boondi and raita separately. Boondi stays good on the counter. While store raita in the fridge.

Can I soak boondi?

Yes, if you like soft boondi in raita, you can soak it in warm water for 10 minutes. That also removes some of the oil in the fried boondi.

What is papri, how can I substitute it?

Papri is crispy flour circles, You can skip it or substitute it with fried and broken samosa patti or broken nachos.

Can I skip imli chutney?

Yes! You can skip it and add little lemon juice. If your yogurt is sour then you might not need it at all.

Can I skip cucumber or/and potato?

Adding less or more or no potato and cucumber is a personal choice.

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Boondi Raita

It also taste great as a quick snack, skip sugar if serving namkeen raita with biryani or pulao.

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To make it more spicy you may add few green chilli slices.

boondi raita

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