The NFL 2020 Bad Lip Reading is finally here, and it’s hilarious

The Super Bowl may be over, but we’re just now getting to our favorite football event of the year: the NFL Bad Lip Reading.

The Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel excels at making it seem like real people are saying the darndest things, and the channel has been uploading NFL Bad Lip Readings since 2013. 

This year’s montage gives us New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady saying, “I hate cats. Why they gotta pee in the little tub?” And if that alone doesn’t sell you, you can also watch a referee say, “Your face is a face I’ve been avoiding for seven years. If I have to look back at it, I’ll break down for sure.”

Thankfully, coaches and fans are not immune from the Bad Lip Reading treatment. And don’t worry, there are plenty of highlights of Super Bowl champ Patrick Mahomes, even if they’re not the kind we’re used to seeing him in.

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