What Is the Micheaux Film Festival?

PS: How did you come up with the “Revenge of the Dreamers” theme?

CB: “Revenge of the Dreamers” was a way to dedicate the festival to those who didn’t stop with just a dream or idea, but were able to persevere and make that dream come to life in the form of their film. Noel came up with the theme as a big Star Wars fan (it’s a parallel to Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith). We wanted a theme that encompassed the efforts and sacrifices of independent filmmakers, like Micheaux, who have no form of commercial backing but are able to produce quality, entertaining, and thought-provoking content.

PS: What’s in store for the festival this time around?

CB: This year, we have it laid out as a multiday festival. We’re planning a welcome mixer the first night to get everyone acquainted. The next day will be for screenings. We have categories, and we’re doing shorts for everything. We have narrative shorts, animation, documentary, digital talk shows, web series. Last year, we had narrative music videos, and we’re doing that again.

This year, we’re also accepting students’ shorts and actor reels, because the point is to connect people. If we have all of these talented filmmakers there, why not showcase the great actors? From there, we’ll have an award show and award the best actor, best short, best cinematography, etc. And then we’ll conclude with another networking mixer.

NB: The theme of it being “Revenge of the Dreamers,” we’re creating this fun, energetic environment with installments that will bring together creators and locals. We’re also incorporating a digital networking lab that’s going to give filmmakers and artists the ability to communicate through a program we’re implementing. We’re going to designate meeting rooms as a networking hub so people can sit down and chat — talk about current projects, goals, and aspirations. It’s providing a platform for all people of color and experiences and cultures and backgrounds to be able to collaborate effectively.

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