.Robert De Niro sues assistant for embezzlement and binge-watching ‘Friends’ on job

Hollywood actor and director Robert De Niro has sued his assistant for a staggering $6 million over alleged embezzlement as well as for binge-watching the hit classic sitcom ‘Friends’ on the job.

As per a report by People, the famed producer filed a law suit against his assistant Chace Robinson, whose job was to ensure that the actor’s film production house Canal Production was not getting misused by employees.

The report revealed that ironically the assistant had drawn a hefty amount of bills on the company’s American Express card while also using the actor’s frequent flyer miles for her own leisure trips.

Moreover, she was also reported to have used a whopping sum of $32,000 on Uber’s rides while also buying herself $1,311 flower arrangement for her birthday.

The part that startled fans even more was that she also spent a four-day period on job continuously binge-watching the iconic sitcom ‘Friends’ on Netlfix while also watching 20 episodes of ‘Arrested Development’ and 10 episodes of ‘Schitt’s Creek’. 

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